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31 December 2008 @ 10:56 am
Always bring a banana to a party Rose.  
Title: the Rules of Time Travel aka Always Bring a Banana
Fandom: DW - a complete and utter PWP
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: Basically I have a gutter mind - Read at your own risk.

Inspired by a conversation I had with amberfocus over at her LJ.

The Rules of Time Travel - Distorted.

"Tell me again." She said dodging around the console of the TARDIS and grinning at him.  He stepped to the right and groaned as she countered his move.

"Rose..." he whined.

"C'mon Doctor... tell me the rules of time travel again."  She grinned at him and started playing with the zipper on her hoodie.  His eyes sprung to the gap showing her flesh as it grew and then shrunk, and then grew again as she lowered it and raised it tantalizingly, teasingly.

"Rule one," he gritted out, "We don't change the timeline."

The zipper slid all the way down and revealed that she hadn't bothered with a t-shirt under the hoodie. He groaned and stepped towards her again as she let the jacket drape open around her form.  She began backing away from him again, toeing off her shoes as she went.

"And..." she prompted cheekily.

His own jacket fell to the floor behind him as he shrugged it off and kept following her around the console room.  "Don't wander off.  NEVER wander off."   

She was now backing down the hall of the TARDIS, towards the inner sanctum of the ship, her jeans slid down and onto the floor as he stalked her but she was quickly free of them and put a safe distance between them.

"Rule three?" she again prompted, her voice growing husky as his shirt and tie hit the floor and he continued to stalk her. 

She began hopping as she pulled off her left sock, then her right, and opened the door closest to her disappearing inside. 

"Always wait five and a half hours" he managed to choke out as the hoodie and a pair of underwear came flying out the door.

He shoved his pants down and rounded the corner into the room, Rose was sprawled naked across the bed waiting for him - he practically dived across the room and onto the bed next to her, pulling her close and diving in to kiss her only to have her hand appear between their faces as she pushed him away.

"Rose," he pleaded, trying to pull her back to him. 
"The last rule," she demanded - an evil grin on her face as he looked at her hungrily, the heat in his eyes made her shiver as she moved further away from him on the bed and waited.

"I don't know." He finally snapped after a moment, "Rose..."

She reached over to the bedside table and picked up the banana flavoured condom that lay there, waving it in his face before opening the package.

"The fourth rule of time travel is," she rolled the latex over him and let him roll her under him...

"Always bring a ..." he kissed his way across her neck and nibbled on her ear and she moaned, arching into him. 

"banana to ..." he drove into her and her mind went blank for a moment at the completion she felt before he started moving against her, and she responded blindly to his touch.

"a party!" and then they were lost in each other, as the whole of space and time exploded around them.
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