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31 December 2008 @ 10:49 am
Written back in September '09 - transferred to this journal today.

Title: Alone
Fandom: DW
Characters: Ten POV - (Rose/Ten, Rose/Handy, Ten & Donna friendship mentioned)

The door to the TARDIS closed behind him, and he was alone once more.  The two women who had done more to heal him than any others were lost to him again, Rose locked back in her parallel universe, and Donna who would never be able to know him again.

The water pooled around his feet as he stood there halfway between the door and the console.  It ran down his face, disguising the tears that 900 years of Time Lord discipline couldn't quite hold back.  Finally he shook himself mentally and started flicking switches and pulling levers - the same old routine to send the old girl into the vortex. 

Destination unknown.  Travelling through time and space.  Alone.  Again. 

So many companions, just fleeting moments in which he wasn't quite so alone.  They passed in and out of his life in the flicker of an eye.  Alone.  He was the last of his kind - the last Time Lord.  Alone.  Even before he had been the last, he'd been alone in the way he viewed the world - a rebel outcast from his homeworld.  Alone.

Blankly he stared into the dimensions of the TARDIS.  Alone again, always alone.

He felt the universe shifting beyond the walls of the ship, somewhere in the vortex something jolted - the TARDIS went careening from side to side flinging him to the ground.

And the Cloister Bell sounded as disaster once again struck head on. 

Between two breaths she appeared sprawled across the deck - still - deathly still.  Her blonde hair spread halo like around her head.  Rose.

As he stared at her still unmoving body he could see the timelines snap around her - he jolted as his double's memories flowed into him and he could see the week that had passed in her world as opposed to the mere hours that had passed in his. 

The Human Doctor had died - his human physiology had been unable to handle the Time Lord attributes the Doctor had contributed to his make up. 

There has never been a Human-Time Lord Metacrisis.  There can't be.

The words echoed around the TARDIS hollowly.  The Doctor crossed the deck and knelt beside Rose - his beautiful Rose.  She'd tried so hard to fix him, to fix both hims.  It had only led to this moment.

He stroked her cheek softly, staring into her unseeing dead eyes - the agony in his soul screaming as his mind refused to acknowledge the awful scene playing out before him.  

At the moment the Human Doctor had expired - burnt up in the power of the time vortex - Rose had grabbed hold of him, the energy escaping from him had somehow propelled her unprotected through the void and into the vortex, killing her but somehow returning her to him.


Always alone.

With noone there to see, he cradled her body to him, and sobbed.  The last of the Time Lords.  The Oncoming Storm.  Doctor Who?  Just the Doctor.  Alone and broken.


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